COVID-19 Testing
& Supplies.

Pro EMS Solutions COVID-19 Testing provides administrative support, logistics, and testing personnel to healthcare facilities and corporate entities to address their individual needs.


Focuses on operations and experience to help our clients anticipate the needs of patients.


Always on the lookout to improve processes, save time and save money for our clients.


Combines the latest medical technology with advanced care to achieve better patient outcomes.

Our EMS Systems are
Proven, Scalable and Adaptable.

Most clients don’t realize they’ve been working entirely too hard managing their EMS systems.

Based on years of experience and a commitment to continuous improvement, Pro EMS Solutions has worked closely with many agencies to help provide patient-centered, clinically sophisticated and efficient EMS systems.

EMS agencies need greater efficiencies; we help create them.
EMS Technology
Customized EMS Billing
EMS Agencies

EMS Focused

  • Adaptive Tech

    Hardware and support package, designed to remove technical pain points by EMS agencies all while maintaining security requirements and taking the day-to-day frustrations away so you can focus on patient care.

  • ePCR Flex

    Utilize your current platform that your employees are already trained on or
    let us assist you in finding a better fit for your agency. As long as your program is NEMSIS 3 compliant we are able to take your data and import it into one of our software offerings.

  • Intelligent CQI Suite

    Review 100% of your records using quality assurance and protocol monitoring software designed to decrease the time required to perform everyday QA tasks. The system prompts the end user with PCRs that need to be addressed first, due to level of acuity or clinical issue.


  • First Watch

    Increase situational and environmental awareness by monitoring real-time
    data for statistically significant occurrences.

  • Patient Experience

    Designed specifically for the unique EMS environment, our patient satisfaction measurement system offers you the most powerful and cost-effective way to quantify, report, and improve your patients’ satisfaction, using accurate and reliable EMS patient satisfaction survey data


Customized EMS Billing

  • Deductible Management

    With unique software, we monitor insurances to identify unmet patient deductibles in real-time. This allows us to hold claim submission until the
    deductible is met by another provider reducing the amount of “self-pay” accounts and increasing revenue by allowing us to know the perfect time to submit claims.

  • TRAC Reporting

    Our Transparent Reconciliation Accounting Closing (TRAC Reporting) provides a comprehensive set of reports monthly in order to provide you with the most clarity into your call data and financial standing.


  • Cardiac Arrest Registry

    We will submit your data into the Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (CARES) database. CARES was developed to help communities determine standard outcome measures for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Submitting to
    the registry aids in quality improvement efforts and benchmarking capability to improve care and increase survival.


EMS Agencies

  • Hosted CAD

    Maintain your environment in our secure data center providing your agency software as a service and continuity of operations. Overcome internal technical
    challenges with your vital dispatch software while complying with industry
    security standards, by letting us host your system.

  • Hosted PCR

    All-inclusive patient care suite comprised of hardware, Zoll PCR, Early Event Detection, advanced monitoring


  • Managed IT Services

    It is often difficult to find an IT vendor who understands the unique complexities within EMS and has the unique skillset required to keep unnecessary burdens from impacting operations. We provide a turnkey solution including but not limited to, hosting of your Dispatch and PCR software as a service (SaaS), tablet support, and general help desk level support.

Field Providers want to improve patient outcomes; we give them tools to do that.