EMS Billing

Pro EMS Solutions has provided billing services and consulting to many emergency services organizations, including municipal Fire Departments, third service, hospital based, and private ambulance services. Our system offers many benefits, including the following:

• Bills are processed in the most timely manner possible utilizing a workflow-based software environment. Automating this process means bills are sent out every day, which translates to better cash flow for the EMS provider.

• Most claims spend fewer days in Accounts Receivable because we submit electronically.

• Our electronic billing system facilitates the application of accurate payment posting to patient accounts and allows for easier tracking of past due amounts and remittance.

• Pro EMS Solutions billing specialists perform all follow-up billing work, including database searches, hospital communications, determining insurance eligibility, and responding to special requests. Most claims submission, patient demographic verification, eligibility verification, skip-tracing, etc. are handled through RescueNet Billing and other integrated software solutions.

• The software system also functions as a dedicated HIPAA log tracking signatures, documentation requirements, confidentiality releases, and access to PHI.

We endeavor to correct problems and make future enhancements by deploying billing models and practices that enhance reimbursement to better cover the cost of providing EMS to your community. Operational improvements and better financial performance will create a more sustainable EMS system, not an increase in town budgets. Additionally, the recovered funds can be reinvested into your EMS system to increase efficiency and enhance the quality of your service’s pre-hospital emergency care.