Billing Consulting

Pro EMS Solutions will analyze your current billing and collection practices, beginning with the collection of historical data and an audit of past performance measures and statistics. Information on total transports per year, mutual aid received and given, and specifics of the tiered response is useful in helping us make recommendations to improve your administrative and billing processes.

Collection percentage alone does not provide an accurate picture of the financial requirements and billing success within an EMS system. For example, an agency could have a 100% collection rate but be missing out on billable ALS-1 Emergency and ALS-2 services.  A comparison of EMS system cost, payor mix, and ultimately net revenue of each transport provides a more accurate financial evaluation.  All payors have different systems of paying emergency ambulance bills, and many do not result in a bill to the patient. In the instances where there is a balance bill to the patient, clear policies can be established to account for financial hardships and special circumstances.

We have the expertise and experience needed to look at all of the points where your EMS operation meets administration and billing to capture data and increase revenue without increasing costs. Together we will find operational efficiencies, share our experience, and apply best practices within your EMS system.