Customer Satisfaction

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Pro EMS Solutions is fundamentally dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to our clients and your patients. As EMS providers ourselves, we understand that the public trust we have all earned must be held in high regard. Our customer service practices and humane billing and collection philosophy is paramount to our mutual goal of providing superior emergency medical services. We are intolerant of unethical billing practices. As such, Pro EMS Solutions has never been found negligent in the processing of ambulance billing by Medicare or another Federal or State regulatory agency. In our commitment to customer service, we can work with Feedback Innovations to provide 100% of patients who are transported with an opportunity to complete a customer satisfaction survey, rating both the care provided by EMS personnel and the professionalism of the billing specialists.

• Pro EMS Solutions will make every effort to bill, and collect payment from, the patient’s insurance companies directly.

• Pro EMS Solutions will not utilize threatening letters, billing tactics, or telephone collection methods to collect payment for services rendered. The primary focus of all billing messages and telephone contacts will be to secure patient insurance information.

• Pro EMS Solutions will utilize an outside collection agency only when all efforts to contact a patient for insurance information or to arrange for payment fail.

• Requests and determination of financial hardship are considered on an individual case-by-case basis according to individual provider’s collection policies.

Feedback Innovations patient satisfaction surveys can be mailed to ALL patients transported by ambulance. Results can be compiled and available as part of your reporting package.