Electronic Patient Care Records (ePCR)

Pro EMS Solutions provides turn-key solutions, including the necessary hardware, software, support and training, to create a smooth transition from paper or another ePCR system.

Our ePCR solution is deployed utilizing the most appropriate ruggedized Windows device to fit your company’s needs. The devices, which can be configured with an internal broadband card or WiFi access, include access to the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG), NIOSH Guide, as well as standing protocols, and have the ability to upload from any of the major monitors. The tablets are secured with double password access, encryption, as well as the ability to remotely delete sensitive information in the event of loss or theft.

All devices offer easy touch-screen data entry for field providers. Once all required fields are completed, the tablet sends the record to the server and the report is automatically faxed to the receiving facility. This process allows the ambulance to leave the hospital and return to service more quickly than the paper process.

All emergency service providers are required to submit call-related information to the state of Massachusetts via MATRIS, the Massachusetts Ambulance Trip Record Information System. Pro EMS Solutions has configured the ePCR system to record all required, standardized fields and upload the data daily through the MATRIS Service Bridge.

Pro EMS provides on-site training with a hands-on interactive module. Training in proper run documentation techniques and software usage maximizes the ability to bill for services and mine data effectively. Training is performed by field providers who use the ePCR system daily and have been cross trained to provide instruction. Pro EMS Solutions has the flexibility to meet any training request, including train-the-trainer and one-on-one sessions.