Pro EMS Solutions provides complete reporting for clinical, operational and billing metrics. Crystal Reports and Crystal Enterprise are used to query the RescueNet SQL database to prepare monthly reports of all activity. In addition, reports can be produced in various formats for any date range. Reports can also be automatically generated and delivered to an email inbox at regular intervals.

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    Clinical Reporting

    Utilizing Zoll ePCR in conjunction with Reporting allows management to run reports based on any field throughout ePCR .  With this data reports can be regularly generated or run on demand for specific needs of the user.

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    Operational Reporting

    Operations reports include many of the statistics and data pertaining to response times, on scene times, ALS and BLS comparisons, time analysis, triage data, etc.



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    vPCR is a home grown web application that enables management to quickly and easily view all patient care reports that have been completed by field providers and compare the data accordingly.

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    Billing Metrics

    Through the use of automated reports, your company can be provided with daily information such as your accounts receivable, percent of bills past due,  and denial rates.